@charliesheen Sets Guinness Social Media Record

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Charlie Sheen’s incredible week of publicity press is now taking social media channels by storm!

Charlie Sheen (@Charliesheen) has now set a real official Guiness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers.

As Sheen would say: #winning 🙂

Dan Barrett, Guinness community manager, said this morning that Guinness “just reasearched and approved” the record this morning (source: Mashable)

Incredibly, he accomplished this record feat in a little over a day! It took him exactly 25 hours and 17 minutes to build this following and now as of the time of this writing (6pm on 3/3/2011) he is over 1,143,000 followers

Charlie’s outrageous antics this week have included appearing on many media outlets including the Howard Stern Show, 20/20 and ABC shows to tell his side of his story following the cancellation of his TV show, Two and Half Men, for which he has been the highest paid actor in the history of television.

Twitter is an incredible resource for famous celebrities like Sheen. Why? Because celebrities can maintain a direct, unfiltered conversation in nearly real time with their fans so it is the perfect social media outlet for them.

And this is undoubtedly why Sheen has built the fastest following ever – because the public is fascinated with his antics and the “public trainwreck” aspect of his personal saga. Twitter is the perfect storm for this situation.

Wonder what’s next? Perhaps he  will start blowing up YouTube with video monologues?

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