Eye Tracking Research Firm, Customer Experience Labs Partners With French Firm, Miratech, In Study

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Seattle, WA (I-Newswire) November 30, 2011 – In the increasingly competitive economic environment caused by the world wide recession, leading companies have stepped up their research efforts. One method they are using is eye tracking to obtain deeper insights into consumers’ unconscious visual behavior.

Assisting clients across all industries, CustomerExperienceLabs.com specializes in all forms of user research, including mobile usability testing, eye tracking and innovative hybrid research that are conducted in its state-of-the-art usability labs in Seattle, Washington and Rochester, New York, as well as in other labs across the country. The company also conducts studies that are aimed at benefiting businesses that thrive in an environment of increasing mobile Internet and application usage.

Providing its expertise in the field of eye tracking, CustomerExperienceLabs.com was a participant in recent international eye tracking study spearheaded by Miratech, a user research agency that is based in France.

According to Dr. Jay Eskenazi, Co-Founder of Customer Experience Labs, the purpose of the international collaborative study was to “measure both the international and gender differences in response to a visual stimuli of an attractive woman.” The results of the study illustrate how subconscious visual processing impacts the way that people visually scan a photo. Eye tracking is often used as part of usability testing to reveal deeper insights than either method can offer alone.

Other participating firms in the Miratech-led study included Eyefact from Denmark, Bunnyfoot from England, Concept7 from the Netherlands, Checon Pesquisa from Brazil, and the Universite Pompeu Fabra from Spain. Some of the partners are members of the International Usability Testing Partnership or IUTP, a network dedicated to user testing and consumer research. The IUTP is supported by Tobii, a leading developer of eye tracking equipment.

Companies interested in improving their online user experience can browse the services ofhttp://www.CustomerExperienceLabs.com and learn more about user research can be used to improve their customers’ user experience as well as their company’s business metrics.

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Customer Experience Labs is a Seattle based Usability testing and user research company that specializes in all forms of user research, including usability testing, eye tracking and innovative hybrid research.

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