Research Partners

We partner with leading technology, design and services providers to offer world class research solutions for our clients.

Unlike other research firms that have a bias toward certain research methodologies (i.e. since they own their own proprietary platforms with a built-in financial interest), we are platform agnostic. We believe that the “best” research platform for a given project is a function of the best methodology to deliver the insights you need to move your customer experience forward balanced against your budget, time and other resource constraints. We have solid partnerships with a variety of providers and this allows us to create custom, innovative research plans tailored to your needs.

artafact 150x86 Research Partners

Artafact provides a technological platform for conducting online, real-time focus groups with the depth and richness of small in person groups. Rich features include: video, drawing tools, remote website navigation, and polling.

Almost anything that can be studied in a traditional in person focus group can be studied in an Artafact online focus group.

rsz 1invokelogormark Research PartnersInvoke provides an online research platform in a hybrid qual/quant methodology that provides the richness of a focus group experience plus the larger sample sizes you desire in quantitative research, allowing you to make projectable conclusions about the topic or product being evaluated with their state of the art platform.

rv Research Partners

RelevantView offers web based research tools for online market and usability research. Their proprietary ActiveSandbox® Server-Based Web User Tracking Technology enables simultaneous collection of qualitative, quantitative and behavioral feedback online. RelevantView’s platform allows us to capture both behavioral and option data and obtain in-depth customer insights for usability testing, concept testing, ad testing and copy testing.

tobii24 Research PartnersTobii Technology is a world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye tracking. Tobii’s products are widely used for research purposes within academic and business contexts for usability and marketing research, as well as assistive technoloies for persons with disabilities.

markettools1 Research PartnersMarketTools offers a full range of research applications and services scalable to meet nearly any customer requirements. MarketTools directly manages a nationally-representative online panel of over 2.5 million individuals and it’s global panel netowork includes more than 8 million individuals worldwide. Invoke provides an online research platform that allows us to conduct large focus groups in real time with 50 to 100 participants during a 90 minute session.

gotomedia Research Partners

gotomedia is a lifestyle design and research firm that combines strategy, branding, and usability research to create people-friendly experiences for web, mobile, and product interfaces. gotomedia’s process is simple: Design, observe, ask questions, repeat. On this solid foundation they develop compelling and intuitive solutions that integrate seamlessly with the way people really live.


Keynote Logo R 150x50 Research PartnersFor over a decade, Keynote has been the Internet’s performance authority. Keynote uses the world’s largest Internet test & measurement network and one of the most representative panels of Internet users to deliver data and insights on the end-user’s experience.