Eye Tracking

You’ve worked so hard to design it..but are your customers actually SEEING it?

Eye tracking data provides a direct way to measure and visualize your customers’ subconscious response to your web and product design. Eye movements are a measure of visual attention and cognitive processing. In fact, eye muscles are the faster muscles in the body and they often react before we are consciously aware of what has occurred or before we can verbalize it out loud. With eye tracking, you now have access to a new, deeper level of insights from the deep unconscious – the types of insights that your customers cannot directly verbalize during focus groups or “think-aloud” usability tests.

Our Eye Tracking Lab service allows you to literally view the customer experience of your product or service directly through your customers’ eyes. Measuring customers’ eye movements as they look at your web pages provides insight into a deeper level of unconscious physiological processing that your customers cannot tell you about during a typical “think aloud” usability study. This allows you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website design and whether it is presenting the best possible customer experience and also aligned with your business objectives and metrics.

If your customers don’t see page content or design elements you designed your experience around, then they don’t exist to your customers – and they likely aren’t using the site the way you designed it to be used.

Would you like to eliminate guesswork and improve the efficiency of your design process?

Do you want “actionable” results that will make your design process more efficient and effective – and save you time and money?

Would you like to:

  • Replace endless bickering, arguments and opinion data with objective scientific data?
  • Know with both confidence and precision what design elements are seen – and ignored?
  • Improve your design process?
  • Design pages to best deliver against your business objectives?
  • Understand how different designs are viewed by your customers?
  • Determine if your brand messaging is successful?
  • Understand how customers are viewing the page so you will have a better understanding of what click-through analytics might indicated after the your product is released?
  • Measure what page elements engage (and hold) your customers’ attention?
  • Determine if your brand message is getting through to customers?
  • Understand if core page elements and functionality are seen by your customers?

If you find yourself saying “yes” to the above questions, then eye tracking will add value to your development and design process.

Eye tracking is a great complement to traditional usability research

We typically use eye tracking in combination with other research methods such as think-aloud usability tests or post-exposure interviews. Typically we can deliver greater ROI for your research spend and provide you with greater value at lower cost when we combine eye tracking with a usability study. (Besides, we like

And when we combine these methods together, they provide a more complete “big picture” understanding of your customer’s subconscious and conscious behavior – all of which gives you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Once you have objective data to answer the following questions, you will be at

These methods together provide a more complete understanding of the customer experience since it allows you to see the big picture:

  • What your customers are (or aren’t) looking at (eye tracking data)
  • How the site performs for them (usability & interaction design)
  • How customers perceive brand and visual design elements (visual and brand design)
  • How they feel about the site (emotional response)

In reality, most companies do not have this depth of insight about their customer experience.

Stop speculating and start getting objective scientific data to help your company obtain a competitive advantage.

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