Usability is an essential part of having a successful product – it’s no longer optional or viable as an afterthought if you are going to be successful. Useful, engaging and usability products and services create loyal, repeat customers that drive business revenue.

Research and Consulting is our area of expertise

Unlike other companies, our primary focus is providing great research that leads to actionable results so you can improve your product. Our 10 years of in house experience prior to becoming consultants means we understand how product development really works in the trenches. We understand your needs internally and know how to provide you with deliverables that will help you incorporate product improvements into your product development process. Other companies have consultants that have never worked in house on a product team and do not understand the realities of your environment, and may offer recommendations that are unrealistic or will be rejected by your product team, which leads to a poor outcome for the research project. Or they don’t have significant training and experience in user experience, usability and design. Either of these obstacles can lead to projects that won’t move the needle and fix your user experience issues, and at worst will cost you significant time, money and energy pursuing ineffective solutions while your competition starts to move ahead of you.

In our work we have:

  • Been involved in over 600+ Usability projects
  • Have conducted research around the world – US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan
  • Worked in house for 10 years (At Microsoft & Expedia) and understand real-world needs that ecommerce companies have
  • Conducted countless usability tests (online & offline), focus groups, eye tracking and other hybrid and innovative research methods

Our expertise will save you time and money

We excel in advising our clients on the proper research methodology for a given project. Collaborating with you to create a research plan that is custom tailored to your company’s budget, resources and schedule is essential for helping you to improve your user experience, accelerate your learning and provide your product team with actionable findings. The result is that you’ll know what is important to change and have a prioritized list of recommendations to incorporate into your product roadmap.

Choosing Customer Experience Labs means you benefit directly from our:

  • Arsenal of Tools & Techniques: We have an arsenal of tools & techniques we can use to create the right research plan that will take the guesswork out of design solutions and provide you with specific, actionable recommendations to meet your business goals.
  • Experience in house as part of product teams: Given our experience in creating top performing products, we understand the realistic issues faced during the product development process. And we know how to work research into the product schedule and ensure you have actionable results that can be applied so your research spend will have maximum ROI for your product and company.
  • Practical approach: Our approach is 100% practical, useful and actionable. The goal of research is to understand your customer behavior and experience and help you improve it. It’s that simple! Well thought out and actionable recommendations are what help you improve your product.

Our team and experience are among the best in the business

With other companies you may be dealing with a “sales team” initially that will hand off your project out to newly minted “consultants” once you sign the project. We are seasoned professionals who will work with your closely and carefully throughout your entire project. We stay current in the field and recognize that best practices are in their infancy in many areas.  We are experienced with all types of challenges in user experience and usability – e.g. information architecture, improving effectiveness and usability of key product pages in a purchase funnel, social media integration, the unique nuances of mobile websites/app development, branding, and much much more. See our client list.

We can help your organization improve its customer experience and create more engaged customers that will drive your revenue.

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