Express Usability Test

Our Express Usability Test – For the times you don’t need a full study….

Question: Do you ever want to get a “sanity check” on a UI issue (element/feature) that has just launched? Or is just about to launch? Or data on a specific feature your competitors have that you’re thinking about implementing?

Perhaps it’s a small piece of UI, a widget, or otherwise a small change that doesn’t need the time, expense and detailed planning/consulting that accompany our typical 1-hour usability sessions.

And you need the data fast – as in “yesterday!”

If this sounds like you, then we’ll be happy to introduce you to our new Online Express Usability Test.

Our new Online Express Usability Test is perfect for you when you need the following:

  1. A “Sanity Check” – when you need a “sanity” check on ad live piece of your website/user interface.
  2. Competitive Feature Assessment – Is your team wondering whether a competitor’s solution is effective? If you’re considering copying their approach, you can test it to see how it functions and get some data before you proceed. No need to worry about bothering your development or design teams or creating any internal dependencies that might prevent you from executing the test plan. Instead of all of that headache, we help you test the competitive feature so you will have some data to bring to the table and inform design and development decisions.
  3. Get some qualitative data – analytics data is great but it has a downside – you don’t know exactly what the site visitors were trying to do and can’t infer all of their behavior from the clickstreams. Why guess when you can know – having a brief express usability test will provide you with some video and user behavior insights to provide you with context and insight into how customers are actually using your site. And it will help you form

Who this is not for – this service is not for you if:

  1. You really need a full usability test and are trying to cut corners. For example, we do not recommend this approach for a prototype with a lot of interactive functionality that requires in person observation.
  2. If it’s our first engagement with you and we haven’t met before.
  3. You need quantitative data and large sample sizes for internal stakeholders – if that’s the case we have other online options with samples of 100-200 people. For example, we can do on online usability test or a hybrid focus group/usability study that is a blend of qualitative and quantitative.

Logistics – Our Express Usability Test comes in two “flavors” to cover all your needs:

  • Moderated – for when you have something that requires more careful observation of their natural behavior. For example, imagine you are testing spontaneous natural behavior such as interaction with a widget – and direct observation is the most important.
  • Unmoderated – okay when focus is more on what users say, or their self-ratings, and you don’t need to observe user behavior as carefully. For example, you have 3 different design comps you want to get some early directional feedback on. Or you want to get a quick perspective on how users react to a design concept or execution on a competitive site.
  • Participants: Seven participants.
  • Timeline: Typically 4 days – order on a Monday and we’ll present your results on Friday! Signed SOW and initial planning discussions will occur the week prior.


Test Summary

Test Summary

Study TypeDeliverableTimelinePricing
ModeratedDeliverable: PowerPoint presentation and 45 min video results presentation via GoToMeeting.5 Days – Study on Monday with results presented on FridayContact For Pricing+ Participant Gratuities & Recruiting (~$2,500)
UnmoderatedWritten report (word) and 45 min video results presentation via GoToMeeting.5 daysContact For Pricing(all inclusive)