Online Usability Testing

“New fusions of qualitative and quantitative research approaches have finally emerged that are economically viable alternatives to traditional and expensive approaches. Companies must harness them or resign themselves to doing less with less at a time when sharper market insights are more necessary than ever.”

–Forrester (2/24/2009)

Meet our latest product – Next Generation Online Research Lab!

It was almost as if they were talking about our platform – our Next Generation Online Research Lab employs a fused, hybrid method that can be used to answer questions that people tend to think of as encompassing market research, usability testing and qualitative and quantitative data approaches. At Customer Experience Labs, we don’t believe in the artificial “either-or” boundaries that people stereotypically see between market research and usability testing, or between qualitative and quantitative data. Our Next Gen Research Platform allows us to to combine these research methods and approaches into ONE research project specifically tailored to your needs.

Unlike other vendors, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for every project. Do you really want a cookie-cutter solution for your different research needs?

Our approach is different. We collaborate with you to create a custom research method that combines multiple research platforms and/or methodological approaches to get you what you need. For some projects this might look more like a large scale usability test with a focus-group like discussion. For other projects this could mean a focus-group type of qualitative exploration of a topic plus a directed usability task. The variations are really endless and we can virtually guarantee you that we will come up with an angle on the research you might not have heard of before or even thought was possible.

Benefits of our Next Gen Online Research Platform

  • Better research method with deeper insights into customer experience
  • Cost savings – hybrid approach saves you money both in the short and long term
  • Larger sample sizes – to give you greater confidence in your data and in making projectable insights about your product and market
  • Faster insights – it’s easier to do one hybrid project rather than multiple projects – so you have faster turn-around time and obtain your insights quicker
  • Quicker ROI for research efforts on your product development – faster turn around time means your research will impact your product more quickly
  • Rich, qualitative insights – in-depth insights so you will feel like you are reaching deep into your customers’ minds and understanding how they think and feel about your product(s) in their own words
  • Directional guidance about your product and recommendations for improvements
  • Added bonusSave $10,000 or more in typical travel cost spend! (Based on typical travel costs our clients incur when sending multiple team members to multiple focus groups in multiple cities).

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Online hybrid research is the wave of the future. Let us help you conduct more effective research with a quicker turn-around time so you can have greater impact on your product development and design processes.

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