Eyetracking Homepage Study

Looking for a better way to improve your homepage design? Customer Experience Labs New Hybrid Homepage Study Research study provides the deeper customer insights you need to improve your homepage design.

This research methodology blends eye tracking with regular think aloud usability to produce deeper insights than are available with either methodology used by itself. The eyetracking data shows us where your customers are looking and how they are interacting with your website or services at a subconscious level. Add in the conscious level with a standard usability approach (aka “think aloud”) and that layers insights into the thought process into the overall picture.

Subconscious visual attention behavior (eye tracking) + Conscious Thought Process (think aloud usability) = Deeper insights.

And these deeper insights can give your product and design teams a competitive advantage in the innovation process so you can out perform your competitors.

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  • Vinay

    I would love to read the report.. but, the pdf file link above is not working.
    Could you please update the link?