What Are Your Top Questions about Eye Tracking?

stock vector computer big eye 54205171 What Are Your Top Questions about Eye Tracking?We are working on some articles about eye tracking and wanted to do a pulse check with our website visitors and Twitter followers. What types of content and information would you like to see?

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  • Should eye tracking be done in conjunction or independant of usability testing?

  • Camilo Sabogal

    Which are the new features that eye tracking tools are providing now. Which issues they have solved
    Which are the most innovative examples when using eye tracking
    On a usability test, how to design tasks in order to minimize the intrusiveness of eye tracking

  • What’s the cost of eye tracking and how can you cost justify it?

    Also, if someone is cross-eyed, does that throw off the study or break the machine.

  • I would like to know if the benefits of eye tracking are worth the tremendous cost for an eye tracking set up.
    Also, if new behaviors are being seen when testing new products, or if you are just validating the established finding on eye tracking.

  • Chris

    How to interpret eye tracking data (gaze plot pattern/heatmap/cluster and AOI)in a more convicing way to people ?

  • Today, there is growing recognition of the role of emotion and feeling in thought, decision, and action. Have there been attempts to correlate eyetracking to these more “emotive” dimensions of online customer experience?